Eight months of self doubt


Many moons ago I went to cosmetology school. I had an instructor who used to say “Ladies, you can’t sell beauty when you look like 8 miles of bad road.” I looked at the date today and realized it was exactly 8 months since my last post. Summer, you can’t write a blog post when you’ve got 8 months of self doubt. As it turns out today is also the second day of Rosh hashanah, which means it’s reflection time. You don’t know what Rosh hashanah is? Goggle it. So; self doubt, a crazy busy life, managing a crazy busy family ( but mostly self doubt) makes for a quiet blog. I started this at the beginning of the Gregorian New year. Maybe before I was ready? Before I was clear about the words I wanted to put out in the world. Today, on the Jewish New Year I’m taking the next set on this journey. I think I’m in a better place to follow through, but I’m realistic about being easy on myself if I go another 8 months. That’s the great thing about time.
Shana tova,


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