Blood orange and rosemary infused gin.


My sister brought me a bag of glorious citrus from her orchard. Naturally I dreamt up a few ways to make it boozy.

I’ve been enjoying the labors of my herbal tinctures and thought it would be fun/ interesting to combined the ideas of limoncello and herbal infusions.


I’m hoping for the outcome to be earthy and bright, sweet and savory. A cordial ? An aperitif ? A liqueur?
Or maybe I just started a batch of shrubs…. In any case, it’s a fun and easy experiment to enjoy in the warmer months. Prolonging the bounty of winter citrus.


Oh, one more thing. I’m a gin girl, so I used gin as my alcohol of choice. Use whatever you like.

Blood orange and rosemary infused gin-

6 blood oranges
2 springs of rosemary
2.5 cups of gin
.5 cups of water

Wash, dry And cut up the oranges. Repeat with rosemary, make sure to remove the woody stem. Put all the ingredients in a jar and seal it tight. Give her a good shake. Hide in the back of your cupboard. Try to remember to shake it once a week, but know you’ll find it in June and it will be fine.

Make a cocktail, add it to sangria, pour it over ice and enjoy!!



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