Tisane vs Tea


To continue with beverages that contain rosemary, I thought I’d share a few more favorites. Rosemary hot toddy & rosemary tisane, er tea?

Let’s talk about that one first, since it happens to be the tea lovers topic of debate. What’s the difference between a tisane, and tea? Here’s the short hand –
Tisane is any herbal, non caffeinated infusion.
Tea is an infusion of the tea leaf ( camellia sinensis) which contains caffeine. That’s it. So, why the confusion? The folks hard at work supplying the worlds stock of tea probably figured it wasn’t hurting sales. I’m glad we cleared that up.

Moving on, to make a tisane use either dried or fresh herbs. Pour hot ( just under boiling point) water. Steep to your preference, add honey and enjoy!

Now, hot toddies! Traditionally this is made with tea, scotch and honey ( and lemon). I cheated and used a homemade rosemary tincture ( rosemary infused vodka). Pour hot water and honey into your mug, add rosemary tincture to your liking. I like a lot so, I went for 2 ounce.

Why is Rosemary so great? For one it’s the BEST thing you could consume on repeat during the dreary months. It’s a mood booster, stimulates your blood flow, clears your mind and combats depression. It is antiseptic, anti inflammatory, anti oxidant, anti stress and chock full of vitamins. That’s the short list of the MANY benefits rosemary holds in it’s pungent woody stalks.

I hope my rant encourages you to forage a few clippings from your neighbors yard. If you are lucky enough to have a shub, share it!

Health & happiness,


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